Minecraft Madness!

BeamNG Madness!!

Merchandise Update!!!

Hi Guys, My website is being updated because now I have my merchandise to sell!! “Archie The Gamer” Caps and Stickers are available – pictures and prices to follow… Hopefully I’ll have an online shop setup soon! Thanks… Read More

Minecraft – Gameplay… just for fun!

Minecraft – The Basics!

Minecraft – Me, Herbie and the Zombies!

Minecraft – Tips and Tricks!

BeamNG – A Few Hints and Tips!

Why I like BeamNG

I like BeamNG because I really love all the different mods that you can download and I absolutely LOVE driving fast and CRASHING!!  I also really like being able to re-spawn when I have a really big crash!!!

Why I like Minecraft!

I like Minecraft because it’s a really fun game to play on your own and it’s REALLY FUN when you play it with other people too! You can explore different worlds and it’s AWESOME!!